It’s All A-Buzz: World Malaria Day Cookies

Today is World Malaria Day!


Malaria is a mosquito-borne parasitic disease.  Here in the US, we are fortunate to have eliminated malaria in the 1950s.  However, worldwide the World Health Organization estimates that there were 219 million cases of malaria resulting in 660,000 deaths in 2010.

To celebrate World Malaria Day, I created a batch of malaria-themed cookies to share with my favorite malariologists.  You don’t have a favorite malariaologist?  I understand — it’s hard to pick just one!  (I mean, I have my favorite.  But maybe you have problems with decision making.  You should work on that.)


To create the three themed cookies, I used my trusty Kopykake projector.


After creating all three cookie outlines in black, I went back to fill in the areas with colored royal icing.


The cloud of insect repellent is opal sanding sugar.


A bed net like this one can be a helpful way to keep mosquitoes away when asleep.  (Actually, not just like this one — an actual bed net.  A cookie will not deter mosquitoes.)


The blood drop on the tip of this mosquito is a small red nonpareil.  Insect-repelling chemicals, mosquitoes, and blood — who could resist these cookies?!

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  1. Kristina says:

    what is the cost of 2 dozen ugly christmas sweater cookies?

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