Cookie Love in the Time of Cholera: John Snow Decorated Cookies

Happy 200th birthday, John Snow!


John Snow, the Father of Epidemiology!


Oy—I don’t have time for this.

OK, just for you, a short bit of history.  In 1854, there was a severe outbreak of cholera in the Soho district of London, England.  Dr. John Snow, an English physician, set out to determine the cause of the outbreak.  By tracking characteristics of the ill and their location, Dr. Snow determined that the cause of the cholera outbreak was a contaminated water pump on Broad Street.  Snow removed the handle form the Broad Street Pump and the outbreak subsided.  Want to know more?  Wiki it, yo.

To celebrate John Snow’s 200th birthday, I created a giant cookie map of Snow’s cholera map.  This puppy’s 12 inches long!

(That’s what she said!)

I indicated the location of the infamous pump with a purple candy star.

JohnSnow1_TMTreatsTo create this giant cookie, I used Lizy B’s giant cookie tutorial.  I started with 12 square cookies.

StackedSnow_TMTreatsI stuck ’em together with thick royal icing to create a 12 x 9-inch rectangle.

ThreexFourJSnow_TMTreatsLooks messy, right?  I doesn’t matter—it all gets covered up!

After I outlined and filled the cookie with white royal icing, I used my Kopykake projector to trace the intersections of the streets.  I created the lines with black royal icing.

OutlinedJSnow_TMTreatsEach cholera case was created using a red jimmie sprinkle placed with craft tweezers.  So much cholera!

JohnSnow2_TMTreatsCelebrate John Snow, and hug your favorite epidemiologist today!

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