Tied Up in Celtic Knots: Celtic Knotwork Cookies

Is it March already?!  Time seems to be quickly passing me by!  With everything going on—work, other baking projects, life—I wasn’t sure I was going to have a chance to make St. Patrick’s Day cookies.  With the time crunch (we lost an entire hour this morning!), I didn’t think it was going to happen.  But what self-respecting baking blogger doesn’t feature at least one set of green goodies to celebrate SPD?

I am a baking blogger, and I work hard to honor those baking blogs who came before me.  I wasn’t going to let a minor non-Federal, near-completely commercial holiday pass me by with out featuring something!  So I cheated.

IMG_1466Aww yeah, check out these babies.  Hardly an ounce of creativity went into them.  But, I adore them!  In addition to their simplicity, they are a snap to make.  What’s my cheating secret?

ThreeStacked_TMTreatsStencils!  I’ve got a drawer-load of culinary stencils, mostly from DesignerStencils.com.  These are the Celtic knot stencils.  With a little practice, it is super-simple to stencil on cookies with royal icing.  A little spray color can be used, too, if you’re intimidated by the royal icing.

SpiralKnot_TMTreats I could give you a tutorial, but who has the time!  Actually, Julia Usher has everything you need to know on her website.  Why reinvent the wheel, ya know?

RoundKnot_TMTreatsAll right, I’ll throw you a bone.  If you try stenciling, I recommend a stiffer royal icing consistency that what you would probably use to pipe onto a cookie.  It should be able to peak, but not stay peaked.  If it’s too thick, it will peak when the stencil is lifted from the cookies.  You don’t want that.  If you make a mistake—and you will, sweet, baby leprechaun, you will—just scrape off the design and try again.  (If you’re like me, you can also just crush the marred cookies with your bare fist in a huff, but I don’t recommend.  Do as I say, not as I do, kiddos, OK?).  You can also use a fine-tipped tool like a boo-boo stick or a turkey lacer to clean up edges.

FourPartKnot_TMTreatsNow, you might be thinking.  But, he’s just a fraud!  A cheat!  A swindler!  He didn’t design these cookies.  This was practically a cut-and-paste job!  How can he sleep at night?  How can he have retain any shred of self-respect?  Oh, come on now.  Let’s not pretend I had self-respect before all this started.

How do I sleep at night?  Very well, sir.  Very well.


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