On the Prowl: ThunderCats Decorated Cookies

Oh, the glorious days of youth!  Wasting away Saturday morning with bowl of artificially colored cereal and five solid hours of cartoons.  The life, right?  Well, I’m a big boy now, so those days have come to an end.  But gone is not forgotten.  With some cookie dough and royal icing, I can recreate the lost days of my childhood—



Oh, I loved watching these big cats growing up.  I had a stockpile of action figures and a drawerful of superhero underwear to go with them.  Actually, I still have the action figures (but the underwear is long gone).

For those of you not in-the-know, ThunderCats were a group of cat-like superheros battling evil on Third Earth.  Lion-O, for whom red eye reduction has no effect, was the Lord of the ThunderCats and wielded the powerful Sword of Omens.


Panthro was the panther-like team member with a gruff exterior and a heart of gold.  The Al Bundy of 80s cartoons.  Sort of.  Ish.


Cheetara was the speedy cheetah-like time member who, for some reason, was able to find time to apply eyeshadow and lipstick.


Snarf was the scaredy-cat sidekick and nursemaid of the orphaned Lion-O.  I’m not sure if Snarf was truly cat-like or not.  Maybe.


ThunderCats, HOOOOO!  (No?  I guess you had to be there.)


Of course, ThunderCats were on TV 20-some years ago.  Being cats and all, they are probably all at the big scratching post in the sky, right?  No.  Last year, some foolish TV executives brought them back in anime format to restart the series.  Blah.  They’ll never be another ThunderCats like my ThunderCats.


Happy baking!

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