So Money: George Washington Cookies

In 1962 Marilyn Monroe, in one of her last public appearances, sang a sexy rendition of “Thanks for the Memories” for President John F. Kennedy on his birthday.  I can only imagine what Jackie Kennedy thought of the whole thing (I can’t imagine she was pleased).  Such a spectacle is surely a modern invention.  I cannot imagine Betsy Ross, America’s flag-stitching temptress of the time, rolling down a stocking and strutting around a bare pock-marked cankle while croaking out a few lines from “A Fox May Steal Your Hens, Sir” at George Washington’s birthday party.  Martha Washington surely would have feigned a bout of dysentery and insisted on going home.  (Old Martha was not much fun.)


Well, hopefully old Prez Washington did have a little fun while he was in office.  He is certainly revered as a America’s Founding Father.  In fact, we have a day without mail to celebrate his birthday!  In America, there is no higher honor.  To be told, “this man was born today, he is now dead, and you may sleep in because of it” is the best way to earn the respect of modern Americans like myself.  Of course, the beauty and reverence of the day has tarnished.  Everyone calls it Presidents Day now even though it is officially George Washington’s birthday.  Not me, George—I will keep the watchfires of your memory alive!  In the spirit of keeping it All About The Washingtons, I created cookies resembling US quarters.  It’s my own edible tribute to America’s First President. IMG_1444_TMTThese are four-inch cookies piped entirely with white royal icing (and the help of my trusty Kopykake projector).  After the design was complete, I sprayed a layer of edible silver spray evenly over the cookie and let dry.  I love the shine!

IMG_1448_TMTHappy Birthday, Mr. Washington!  Sleep in—you’ve earned it.

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