Have a Heart: Ombre Heart-Shaped Cookies

Valentine’s Day, blah, blah, love, blah, hearts, blah, blah, blah.

And some cookies.


I’ll be honest—I like to include at least a bit of snark in my posts, but it’s hard to be snarky about VD when you’re not single.  (When I say VD, I mean Valentine’s Day, not venereal disease.  It’s super-easy to be snarky when you have a mysterious rash or so I’ve heard.)  So, minimal snark for now.  Maybe I’ll work up to it in a few weeks.

For Valentine’s Day heart cookies, I busted out the ombre sugar technique featured in a few previous posts.  Using four different colors of sanding sugar (red, white, light pink, and bright pink), I used eight different shades of colors by mixing colors together in various ratios.  For a tutorial, see my original ombre sugar post.


To help create the concentric circles, I used a circle template.  I did not end up using all of the pink shades on these cookies due to lack of space.


When I was finished with all the sugars, I dump them all into a jar together.  Usually, the sugars go into one jar of mixed confetti-style sugars.  For this project, since all of these sugars were similarly colored, I put them into one jar of Valentine’s Day-themed sugar.  Hopefully I’ll put it to good use soon.


Happy baking!

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