Gnarly Knitted Numbers: Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookies

Did you ever get an awful Christmas present that you didn’t know what you do with?  It hasn’t happened to me in quite a few years, but I can imagine on any one Christmas day, there are thousand—if not millions—of bad gifts being exchanged with accompanying nervous smiles and false reassurance.

Statistics show that half of all bad Christmas gifts are actually ugly Christmas sweaters.**  What better way to celebrate such a universal tradition than with ugly Christmas sweater cookies?

**  Not really.

Armed with my sweater cookie cutter, I created two dozen ugly knitted disasters.  Like any bad gift, I do have regrets about my handiwork—some of these cookies are not as tacky as they could have been!

To find out more about how these Christmas crimes of fashion were made, click below.

For each cookie, I have listed the additional components I used to create them and links to online stores which carry them.

Bow: dark green sanding sugar (source)
Tree: pearlized coarse green sugar (source)

Stripes: edible tree glitter (source)
Plaid: pre-made royal icing Santa Claus (source), pearlized white 4mm pearls (source)

Snowman: pre-made sugar Snowman (source); snowflake quins (source)
Stripes: snowflake quins (source)

Gift: red (source) and white (source) nonpareils

Hat: white nonpareils (source)
Santa Claus: pre-made royal icing Santa Claus (source); snowflake quins (source); white nonpareils (source)

Cardigan: pre-made royal icing poinsettia (source); red 4mm pearls (source)
Holly: red 4mm pearls (source); holly leaf candies (source)

White: white nonpareils (source); pre-made royal icing snowflakes (source)
Blue: pearlized silver coarse sugar (source); pearlized white 4mm pearls (source)

Red tree: red candy star; pearlized red coarse sugar (source)
Green tree: yellow candy star

Cardigan: candy cane quins (source)
Red: red nonpareils (source)

Reindeer: pre-made royal icing eyes and antlers from reindeer cookie decorating kit (source); red nonpareils (source)
Star: yellow sanding sugar (source)

White: gingerbread quins (source)
Brown: white 4mm pearls (source)

Silver: red (source), white (source), and light green (source) candy beads; silver sanding sugar (source)
Gold: Christmas light quins (source); gold sanding sugar (source)

These sweaters are a great cookie project because there’s no right way of decorating them.  Just like the wedding dresses I made previously, they can be done in any way your imagination takes you!  They’re a great way to use up mismatched decorating sugars or extra royal icing decorations.  The Santa-filled sky is the limit!

Happy baking!

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6 Responses

  1. Donna says:

    Perhaps it is my love of cookies, but none of these cookies look tacky! I love them!

  2. dani fiori says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I wish I had that reindeer sweater with the big googly eyes in real life! Xo

    • Taylor-Made Treats says:

      Thank you so much, Dani! The reindeer is one of my favorites, too.

      Thanks so much for visiting—I’m a huge fan!

  3. Jeanine says:

    Hey, when did you go into my closet and find all of my cool sweaters???????

  4. Janet says:

    Wow! There’s nothing you can’t do!

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