Know Your Place (Setting): Place Setting Cookies

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I know that there is a good chance that you spent Thanksgiving with your “real” family (and not glued to Google Reader), and you are reading this well past Thanksgiving in the deep dark shopping daze that is late November.  Good for you.  Of course, there’s also a good chance that today is Thanksgiving, your family has driven you I-NEED-A-DRINK-NOW crazy during dinner, and you’ve retreated to the internet in your childhood bedroom.

Either way, welcome!

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we traveled to see my family in Pennsylvania.  I wanted to bring some cookies with me, so I decided to create place setting cookies.  They are relatively simple compared to some of my past cookies, but they are representative of a great American family tradition–the family meal.

Read more about the cookies, below.

To start the cookies, I iced a 2.5-inch circle with white royal icing.  This will be the plate.

For the placemat, begin with a large rectangle cookie.  I used the largest rectangle from this set.

The placemat rectangle was then flooded with a harvest orange with about 1/4-inch border left on the side edges for fringe.

While the icing is still wet, the plate circle was dropped into the center of the orange.  This will adhere the plate to the placemat, giving a 3D effect.


Fringe was added with a #1.5 piping tip to the edges of the cookie.

Once the orange icing was completely dry, the silverware was added using a #1 piping tip with white royal icing.

A decorative border was added to the plate with a ring of green Swiss dots using another #1 piping tip.

Silver luster dust was applied to the silverware with a small paintbrush to create the look of shine of silver.  A few small arcs of white icing was added to create depth on the plate.  The cookies were placed in individual treat bags for travel.

If you prefer personalization, initials or names can be added to the plate and used as a placecard at a place setting.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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