The Eyes Have It: Creepy Eyeball Cookies

It’s nearly Halloween!

To begin the celebration, I created some creepy eyeball cookies.  These cookies are pretty easy to make—all that’s really needed is a round cookie cutter and some imagination.

More creepiness, below.


These cookies were created with a 2-1/2-inch round cookie cutter.  The iris was made with a 1-inch round cutter that I traced around with an edible food marker (I can’t pipe a decent freehand circle to save my life).

When I started the project, I wanted to make simple eyeball cookies.  I set a few aside to add eyelids to, but my instinct was that they wouldn’t work out.  Was I wrong!  The ones with the eyelids and the pus-nasties are my favorite!  The fleshy boils are a treat, too.

Of course, I am especially thankful to my Chief Pus Consultant who schooled me in the ways of boils, pus, and scabs.  You don’t have a Pus Consultant?  You so need one.

What else can be done to make a creepy Halloween-worthy eyeball?  A little bit of bloodshot can’t hurt.

How about some jaundice?


Bloody eye rash?

Pus-filled boils?  (Why do I write these posts in the morning?  I get sooo hungry!)

How about when you rip your eyeball open and they have to fix it with staples?  We’ve all been there, right?

Plain eyeballs are OK, too.  I mean, come on, you’re still eating an eyeball.  That’s freaky.

 You will notice that these cookies have an iris (the colored part), the pupil (the black part) and an additional white dot.  This small white dot gives the eye a bit of dimension.  The eyeballs would seem plain and “flat” without them.

Mmmm….demon cat eye.  Don’t be freaked out, it’s not real—cats will rarely let you eat their eyes.

Happy baking!

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