Happy Birthday, You Little Scamp! Prince Harry Cookies

Everyone’s favorite royal scamp, His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales, turned 28 yesterday.  In honor of my favorite ginger’s birthday, I made a few Prince Harry themed cookies.  Unlike the Las Vegas pictures of The Royal Fire Crotch, these cookies are 100% ass-free.

To see all of the cookies, continue reading after the jump.

You don’t know about Harry’s Las Vegas photos?  Well, push off the rock you’ve been living under, and welcome the sunlight!  Briefly, Harry partied hardy in Vegas.  During  a game of strip billiards, Harry lost his shirt (and more!), and among all the talk of shiny balls and slick shafts, someone leaked some photos of The Naked Prince.  Fortunately (or unfortunately), The Royal Pork Sword was tastefully covered by two well-placed princely hands.

Keep Calm and Cover the Crown Jewels. Wise advice for us all.

Now, after what was most likely a firm talking-to from The Royal Nana, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry has returned to combat in Afghanistan.  I imagine celebrating your birthday on the front lines in an awful thing, so I hope His Royal Highness had the best time he could.

HRH Prince Harry of Wales royal insignia.

(Your Royal Highness—if you are reading this and would like a care package, have your people call my people.  And sorry for the Pork Sword wisecrack.)

OK—back to the cookies.  The Prince Harry portrait was created on a 6-inch cookie.  I made two 3-inch cookies, but catching all of the details was difficult on the smaller cookie canvas.  To create the generously-sized cookies, I used a cake ring to cut out the dough.  The two rectangles are approximately 4×3 inches.  All of these cookies were made possible by my magical Kopykake projector.  The piping was done with a #1 icing tip.

Happy Baking!

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