A (Fruit) Slice of Life: Faux Fruit Tart

One of the many fun things about decorated cookies is that they can be made to look like other (non-cookie) foods.  Because of their simple, regular shapes, fruit slices are the perfect candidates for cookie replication.  With the right sizes and shapes, a variety of fruit slices can be transformed into one of those fancy fruit tarts, but cookie-style — a faux fruit tart.

Go behind the scenes, after the jump.

This faux fruit tart has six components–five fruits (kiwi, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry) plus the crust.

The kiwi slices begin with a 1-1/2-inch circle.  The ivory center is piped as a 1/2-inch circle in the center of the kiwi.  Green royal icing is piped about the ivory to fill the slice.  A toothpick dragged from the center of the ivory into the green creates the thin lines.  Black non-pareils are sprinkled on to replicate the seeds while the icing is still wet.

The blackberries begin as a small 1-inch crinkled oval (from this set).  Using dark blue-purple royal icing, a few small dots were piped (with a #2 tip) and allowed to set being sure that no dots touch one another and run together.  After these dots began to set, more adjoining dots were added.  Repeat, as necessary until the oval is filled.

I used this same technique to create the raspberries.

The raspberry cutter is a 1/2-inch crinkled circle.  Because the shape is smaller, a smaller tip, like #1.5, is more appropriate to create the berry effect.

The strawberries began with a strawberry cutter, but I removed the leaves before baking the dough.  I flooded the cookies with red royal icing and added seeds with a #1.5 tip after the red base coat had completely dried.

I created the blueberry clusters using a shape from this set.  The small stem-ends were piped with a #1 tip using the darker blackberry color.

The crust was created using the extra (un-iced) blackberry ovals.  Using a small dollop of royal icing, I applied the ovals to the edge of a rimmed 12-inch platter.  Begin to fill in the platter once the crust pieces have dried.  The arrangement of the fruits depends on how many you have made and the size of the platter.  Be creative!

Happy Baking!

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