Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell Me I Have a Jellyfish Sting: Neon Jellyfish Cookies

While organizing my cookie cutters, I came across a jellyfish cutter that I acquired a few years ago.  As is often the case, I had grand plans for the cutter when I bought it, but I forgot about it and never made jellyfish cookies.

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I think jellyfish are beautiful creatures.  There are thousands of varieties, and many of them would like look quite snazzy as a decorated cookie.  I created a set of 5 neon jellyfish in contrasting colors.  The “bell” (the large upper part of the jellyfish) was relatively easy to decorate, but the bottom (the tentacles) took a little patience.

To create the “bell” of the jellyfish, outline and flood the top part of the cookie and set it aside to dry.  After the base was dry, pipe small dots to create the appearance of the sometimes brightly-colored internal structures.  In decorating lingo, this technique is referred to as Swiss Dots.

To create the tentacles, pipe wiggly lines of one color in the bottom part of the cookie with a #1 icing tip.  After these few strands (about 4 or 5) dry, the alternating color of icing can be piped over, creating an overlapping 3D effect.  Repeat with alternating colors (after the previous strings dry) until the jellyfish have as many tentacles as you’d like.  Don’t be afraid to make the tentacles look tangled.  Sometimes I look quite matted and tangled–why shouldn’t jellyfish?!

The best part of jellyfish cookies?  No one has to pee on you if you touch one!  Unless you’re in to that–but I’m not here to judge.  Happy baking!

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