B-b-b-b-b-b-bird, B-b-bird is the Word: Baby Shower Cookies

A few weeks ago, a friend asked if I could make cookies for a baby shower.  I have lots of ideas for baby shower cookies, so I didn’t think it would be a problem.  However, there was a challenge involved–she asked if I could make the cookies to match the nursery theme of the baby shower gifts.

I love a challenge.

The Pottery Barn Kids’ Penelope Nursery theme was incredibly cute with soft pastel colors, adorable birds, and a homey handsewn look.

More birds below, after the jump.

To match the Penelope theme, I iced the cookies with base coats of white, pink, and mint green.  Using the KopyKake projector, I was able to draw the bird shapes directly onto the iced cookies.

After piping the bird, I added the branches and feet.  The “stitched” border completes the look.  There were 4 different designs I created.

Pink Mama and yellow Baby Bird on a branch.

Yellow Mama and Baby Bird on a branch.

Pink Bird with fancy plume.

Fuschia Bird with fancy plume.

The complete set of two dozen cookies, plus extra to account for any mishaps during transport.

Once they were completely dry, I placed the cookies in individual treat bags and tied the bags with ribbon for a cute shower favor any mom-to-be would be happy with (hopefully!).

All wrapped up and ready to go. A clear cellophane treat bag and some coordinating ribbon complete the look.  This picture was snapped early in the (dark) morning, so give me a break about the crap lighting, OK?

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