Vive la France! French-themed Bastille Day Cookies

Happy Bastille Day!

In France, July 14th celebrates the national holiday of France, the French equivalent of the American July 4th Independence Day.  What better way to for an American to celebrate than with French-themed cookies?

View the whole collection, below.

French-themed cookies, including a wine bottle (vin), a sign for fromage (cheese), a French flag, and the Eiffel Tower.

To make a small collection of French-themed cookies, I had to think about my favorite French things.  Of course, a good French cheese (fromage) and a warm French red wine is a fine way to spend an evening (or two!).  Of course, a nice warm baguette with a nice smear of soft butter (beurre) is also divine.

I toyed with different techniques for the wine bottle foil.  For these three bottles, one foil is left plain red (middle), while the other red (left) and white foils were painted gold with edible gold luster spray.

Three bottles of wine–a fine Friday night (but maybe not a great Saturday morning!).

In 2005, I traveled to the United Kingdom and spent some time in Paris.  I fell in love with the Eiffel Tower.  It’s architectural beauty dominates the Parisian skyline.  While it’s possible to duplicate the architectural structure of Tour Eiffel in cookie form, an artistic approach is much simpler and just as beautiful.

Three varying Eiffel Tower designs.

An Eiffel Tower close-up.

A what’s a French-themed cookie platter without an accordion?  I love my accordion cookie cutter.  This cookie just begs for a squeeze!

Squeeze me!

So unwrap your cheese, uncork your wine, and turn on your best accordion album–or any combination of the three–and celebrate Bastille Day in style!

A French-themed cookie platter?  C’est une bonne chose!

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