Baby, You’re a Firework: Independence Day Cookies

Growing up in a small town, my family never missed an Independence Day fireworks display at the local mall.  We would park on the highway a few miles from our house and enjoy the show without worrying about the traffic.  All grown-up, my family still enjoys a good fireworks display, and we catch them as often as we can.  While there are a lot of symbols associated with July 4th, fireworks will always be my favorite.

Cookies, in the shape of the United States, feature the Washington, D.C. skyline and a fireworks display.

More freedom-lovin’ fireworks after the jump…

I piped the skyline first in black and then (carefully) piped the dark blue sky around.  I chose to feature the Washington, D.C. skyline, but any city would work.  I included the Capitol, Washington Monument, and the roof of the Lincoln Memorial.

Piping the fireworks with a bit of overlap gives the cookie a three-dimensional feel.

Bright white fireworks.  I had the grand idea to paint the fireworks with gold or silver luster dust, but I thought better of it when I remembered how bad I am at painting small areas.

Multi-colored firework show.

I had an extra cookie, so I did a bit of an abstract cookie with white stripes piped wet-on-wet and completed with a smattering of red candy stars from a patriotic sprinkles mix.

Finally, I bought this copper firework cookie cutter quite a while ago, and I was dying to try it out.  After flooding the cookie with black royal icing, I piped rings of color near the top and dots of color at the end of the “arms.”  Working quickly(!), I dragged a toothpick-type tool through the icing to create the effect seen.  I dragged the rings down towards the arms, and I dragged the dots on the arms up toward to the top.

For this red and blue cookie, I finished with a sprinkle of silver edible stars.

One thing to remember is that this has to be done quickly because the clock is ticking fast and the icing begins to crust over in just a few short minutes.  Once the icing begins to set, put the toothpick down and step away from the cookie.  Any more dragging will only lead to a jagged, ragged appearance that cannot be fixed.

One more tip:  Wipe excess icing off the tip of the dragging tool between drags.  This will prevent dark icing from being introduced into the center of the colored areas.  I could have done a better job wiping off the toothpick in this green and purple firework.  Notice the black icing deposited in the center of the green area at the top.

Happy Independence Day!

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