Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Gay Pride Cookies

Did you know June is Gay Pride Month?  Actually, it’s LGBT Pride Month.  What better way to celebrate than with rainbow-themed cookies?!

More rainbow-themed goodies after the jump…

Using 60 small heart-shaped cookies, I created a rainbow cookie flag.  The heart shape is small, so the piping didn’t take as long as it could have with 60 cookies in a larger or more intricate shape.

I also created two rainbow flag cookies and used small letters to spell “PRIDE” in the same rainbow colors.

I had a few spare hearts remaining (handy to have in case I would have dropped one on the floor (it’s happened!) or smeared my finger across is as it’s setting (done that, too).  I made two rainbow-striped cookies.

I used a green food-safe marker to mark the lines on the cookie before I piped to ensure the stripes would be reasonably proportioned.  If you look closely at the cookie on the right, you can see a few green dots at the edge of the yellow stripe.

Happy Gay Pride Month, everyone!  And if you don’t celebrate Gay Pride Month, make some rainbow cookies for the next National Find-A-Rainbow Day!

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